If you’re looking to protect the bed of your Toyota Tundra, a quality truck bed cover is essential. Regardless of the size of your truck’s bed, a quality cover will protect it from damage. Here are some options: TruXport, Gator Evo, RetraxPRO, Kikito, and more. Each of these covers offers a unique look, and each will provide you with protection that you can rely on.


The TruXport Toyota Tundra bed cover is the most popular roll-up truck bed cover available. This product is straightforward to install and has all the benefits of a higher-end tonneau cover without the high price tag. The body also features a unique design that allows you to access your truck’s bed virtually 100% while still offering superior protection against the elements. A TruXport bed cover also includes a 5-year warranty to guarantee your purchase as long as you own the vehicle.

Gator Evo

The Gator Evo folding tonneau cover is a perfect choice when protecting your truck’s bed. This hard-to-break cover is incredibly affordable and delivers dependable service. The gloss-black aluminum panels protect your gear from inclement weather and would-be thieves. The folding cover reveals about half of your truck’s bed space. You can easily fold the body toward the cab for easy rear-side access when not in use.


Designed to fit all models of Toyota Tundra, the RetraxPRO quality Toyota Tundra bed covers will provide a secure, weather-resistant way to transport your cargo. This durable, high-density nylon cover features a 6063-grade finish for long-term durability and stability. Available in black or green, this cover comes in various sizes and shapes to fit the different truck styles.


If you are interested in improving the look of your truck, then you might want to consider a Kikito quality Toyota Tundra bed cover. These covers are premium PVC and constructed with a solid alloy frame. They also come with factory brand packaging and fit your truck bed perfectly. They have reinforced corner design and sturdy clamps, ensuring that they don’t blow off or slide off when you’re driving.


Whether you’re looking to protect your cargo or want to protect your truck’s body, a MaxMate quality Toyota Tundra bed cover is perfect. Designed to fit your truck’s bed perfectly, this cover features an automatic tension system and extra bows to better snow containment. Its textured vinyl fabric is stylish and supple, and its anodized aluminum rails are corrosion-resistant. It’s easy to install and remove, and it’s designed to provide 100% access to the bed.