A quality Toyota Tundra bed cover is essential if you want to protect your truck’s bed from dents and other damage. There are several types of bed covers available in the market. Some of the most popular are GatorTrax MX, Tonno Pro Lo-Roll, and Pit66. However, some customers have reported that the rubber seals get creased or cracked. This article will discuss which one is best for your truck.


A Pit66 quality Toyota Tundra bed cover offers several benefits. It provides full coverage, but it’s also easy to install and remove, thanks to a 4-piece modular system. The Tri-Fold design provides a 360-degree range, and the cover comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s also waterproof and UV-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about the weather ruining your cargo. And the sleek matte finish of this cover makes it look great too!

Pit66’s tonneau cover is designed to resist rips and tears from everyday use compared to other truck bed covers. It’s made of PC polymers for extra stability and has a triple-layered construction that resists UV rays, scratches, and water. The body can be tailored to fit any truck bed size, and it comes with three-layer protection. This feature allows you to use it on almost any truck bed, making it ideal for long-term use. Moreover, Pit66’s cover is easy to install – attach it to your truck with a screwdriver.

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GatorTrax MX

The GatorTrax MX quality Toyota Tundra bed cover is an excellent choice for owners of a 2007 to 2019 Toyota Tundra. Its matte black powder coating is both scratch and fade resistant and has a low-profile design. The cover also features an easy installation process and hardware to ensure a perfect fit. The body comes with a lifetime warranty from Gator. A few cons of this product are listed below.

The Gator Trax MX offers a low-profile design that maximizes bed usage and provides a stylish and practical option. The canister is sealed to prevent the cover from touching itself, and the lock system is remote controlled. The cover also features a locking canister that prevents the body from touching itself and is available in a shiny or matte black finish. You can install the Gator Trax to cover yourself with essential tools. The Gator Trax cover will take approximately forty minutes to install.

Tonno Pro Lo-Roll

The TonnoPro LoRoll Roll-up Tonneau Cover will provide security and convenience for your truck bed. This roll-up truck bed cover features marine-grade stitching and double-sided vinyl construction. It is easy to install and rolls back for convenient access. This roll-up truck bed cover will also increase your gas mileage by increasing aerodynamic ability. Its low-profile design won’t take up much space in your truck bed.

The LoRoll truck bed cover will protect your bed from rust and damage. Made of durable vinyl, it is UV resistant to extreme temperatures. Installing it is easy and only takes a couple of hours with essential hand tools. The TonnoPro Lo-Roll Toyota Tundra bed cover doesn’t interfere with the lines of your truck. It fits tightly over the factory bed rails without obstructing access to your truck bed.

Gator ETX

If you’re in the market for a new bed cover for your Toyota Tundra, you’ve probably considered purchasing a Gator ETX product. Specifically designed for the Tundra model, this high-quality cover is easy to install and features an attractive aesthetic design. Its low-profile design also leaves exposed stake pockets for tie-downs and bedside rails. The Gator ETX offers exceptional protection from the elements and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

If you’re looking for a durable, full-coverage pickup truck bed cover, you’ll find the Gator ETX, a four-piece modular system that can be installed and removed in just minutes. The cover’s built-in gasket seals out moisture and keeps the exterior of your truck clean. Moreover, this product is lightweight and easy to install. Another excellent cover for Toyota Tundras in the Leer Roll It Up Tonneau Cover, one of the market’s best-selling covers. It fits nearly every model of the Tundra and is also very easy to use.